Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Phillies pitching coach Bob McClure on Cole Hamels' first bullpen session

Caught up with Bob McClure to comment on Cole Hamels' first mound session of spring after having biceps tendinitis over the winter that set him back about two weeks to open camp:

What did you think of Cole? Did he throw for 8 minutes?

MAC: “We went on pitches, in the 30s. He threw all his pitches and looked very free and easy. Down in the zone was good, arm action looked good, health was great. 
“I would say he’s 100 percent healthy. That’s the way he looks right now, without being even with the other guys as far as (throwing) BPs and stuff. It’s like if camp had started today when he threw, that was the way everyone looks. So, it looks good, really good.
“Everything was full extension, free and easy.”

Should that mean he will be in his first Grapefruit League game in two weeks?

MAC: “In two weeks? I would think yeah, because his health looks so good. But I’m not saying I’ll do that … but from a health standpoint he looks good. We’re just not going to push it. I can’t tell that there was anything wrong.”

Is his missing the opening turn of the rotation a firm decision? 

MAC: “He could probably (pitch in the opening turn of the rotation), but we aren’t going to push it.”

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