Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mike Schmidt joining Comcast SportsNet's Broadcasting Battle Royale for "Sundays With Schmidt"

Apparently the Phillies’ television broadcast this season is going to have more combinations than a six-man tag team event at Wrestlemania.

At first it seemed that the overhaul of the booth had ended when Chris Wheeler and Gary “Sarge” Matthews were unceremoniously given the boot by the overlords at Comcast SportsNet and replaced by former Phillies Matt Stairs and Jamie Moyer thanks to control seized by the massive cable entity when it shelled over $2.5 billion in a new television contract.

Already Stairs and Moyer were on a strange schedule where they would work 30 regular-season games together, then split the rest of the games in a two-man booth with play-by-play guy Tom McCarthy. Now there’s another wrinkle added.

According to a report by the Philadelphia Daily News, a Comcast SportsNet content partner, Hall of Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt will be in the booth on home Sunday games this season. A person familiar with the situation within the obsessively controlling confines of Comcast SportsNet did confirm that Schmidt was on board, although they requested anonymity based on the company’s meddling desire to dictate when such things are announced.

Later in the day, Comcast put out an official release on Schmidt’s 14-game agreement, which has been given the original moniker, “Sundays with Schmidt.”

The news came on the morning of Stairs and Moyer’s first broadcast, Wednesday’s Grapefruit League opener against the Blue Jays.

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