Thursday, December 6, 2012

Interview with Ruben Amaro on Ben Revere trade

The Phillies acquired young, speedy centerfielder Ben Revere from the Twins today for No. 4 starter Vance Worley and minor-league right-hander Trevor May. Here is an interview with Ruben Amaro Jr. about the deal:

GAVE UP SIGNIFICANT PITCHING FOR HIM: "One, I thought we were dealing from a position of strength because of the way some of our guys have been developing in our system with (Jonathan) Pettibone, (Adam) Morgan, the acquisition of Ethan Martin. Granted, we gave a lot for this player, but in this marketplace, to acquire a young player under control (of his rights), very reasonable compensation for a while, a guy who can do what he can do, we felt this was the right thing to do."

WHERE DO YOU FILL WORLEY'S SPOT IN THE ROTATION: "It could be internal, or it could be someone who comes from outside the organization. We could look to do that, but that's not necessarily a priority because we have some internal candidates. We'll sift through it."

WHO CAN DO IT INTERNALLY: "Pettibone is that close. (Tyler) Cloyd has to be in the mix. So we have some choices. We'll give some guys the ball and see how it goes."

IS REVERE A LEADOFF HITTER: "He can go top of the order or bottom of the order -- either way. For us it was about the defense and the speed. We like athletic players, and he's certainly that. He has great energy, a fantastic defender. And those are priorities for us."

DOES HE REMIND YOU OF A YOUNG MICHAEL BOURN: "Right now he's shown he's made a little more contact than Bourny. Certainly Bourny has been doing it for much, much longer. He's a more consistent player and has more power in his bat. But defensively we don't see a lot of dissimilarities and we think the kid still has some upside."

IS CENTERFIELD HIS JOB: "That's why we acquired him."

DOES THIS BOLSTER YOUR ABILITY TO FIND A POWER-HITTING OF IN FREE AGENCY: "We still have plenty of flexibility monetarily right now. We will try to piece the rest of the puzzle together."

IS SOMETHING (MICHAEL YOUNG) CLOSE: "I never feel close, you know that." PENDING: "I got nothing for you guys."

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